A few quick NYI Fan Central Announcements

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/04/2008 10:22:00 AM |

Just to let everyone know a few things happening at NYI Fan Central:

1. The template was changed to a sharper format that I think is an improvement.

2. Blogger no longer has full page headers for any template once it's changed so I had to get a little creative. Ted Nolan, Al Arbour and Bill Torrey pics are in other sections.

3. The WJC section will be up until Monday, then taken down for the next poll.

4. The Tag section was simply too big to keep on the main page, use the search feature to find blog's related to a specific item or if you know the date that week's blog is featured.

5. I have been very lax with the best of NYI Fan Central updates section, the blogs are written but I will take more time to highlight these special blogs in that area but all blogs are archived by week here.

6. I will be beefing up the prospect center with more links looking ahead to the draft in June. Kyle Woodlief's updates will be part of it.

7. A new Q & A will be done next week. I have a bunch of e-mails I have not responded to.

Finally thanks as always to Mr Prospects for the outstanding updates on the message board who updates the Islander prospects on a game by game basis.

And of course my thanks to the folks who visit here.