Two weeks with no city coverage for Isles.

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/04/2008 10:06:00 AM |
With the Islanders going out on the road for about two weeks it looks like it's time to say goodbye to the New York City media which barely goes through the motions of covering the home games with very limited space and no blogs.

These are the folks who when the club returns in two weeks may or may not cover the team as other events take priority for Dan Martin's editor or Peter Botte's editor but will write about the club like they have been around it daily.

Why is this important you may ask?

Because writers create perceptions about teams with their work which the fans do buy into in many cases when deciding to attend or not attend a game or become a fan of a team. Islanders need dedicated writers and coverage to expand their fan base.

Considering Newsday did not go to the West Coast for the Rangers is it a lock they will they travel out West for the Islanders or will the club go without any local newspaper coverage during this trip?

Funny but so-called small market Florida had three writers in three papers cover last night's game from the Coliseum but so-called big hockey market New York City publications do not have it's writers covering New York Islander road games?

Don't worry folks, in two weeks someone will be back from these publications to
re-create their perception of what the 2007-08 New York Islanders are for the public.

I just hope you see that perspective for what it is.