Islanders falling behind in Atlantic

New York Islander Fan Central | 1/11/2008 04:48:00 AM | |
Simply put the Islanders are absolultely in the race for the playoffs but it is getting to the point this club is falling back in the division. I do not put a lot of stock in four or five clubs from one division making the playoffs even though it's possible.

New Jersey, Pittsburgh and even Philadelphia are getting some seperation for the first time all season from the Islanders in the standings, despite the recent ties.

Devils when they are not playing the Isles are simply dominating.

Pittsburgh is doing what they did a year ago where they simply do not lose and shot to the too of the division, even without Marc-Andre Fleury or Gary Roberts for starters.

Flyers are red hot also and have broken out of their slump.

Islanders have not won five games in a row since December of 1994, simply put they have to keep pace with teams that are not losing and start winning, despite the Isles respectful record and some overtime points in three of four games.

Either that or this club at best is looking at a fight for a seventh or eighth seed.

Things change quickly, they have to start changing now.