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THN.Com: Features Rick DiPietro in it's goalie issue due out on March 4th. Some may recall Ken Campbell did an interview with the Islander goalie at the all-star weekend in Atlanta which Chris Botta at the time wrote about in his Point Blank blog here. Today it's David Ember's turn to make fans turn away from Espn's hockey coverage as somehow the Butch Goring trade everyone mentions at every trade deadline to this day as the quintessential deadline deal he has ranked sixth.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
According to Mr Ember the Goring deal is not even the best deadline trade from 1980. The Kings trading a first round pick which became Phil Housley for Jerry Korab ranked two spots higher at fourth.

My math says a deal that helped produce four straight Stanley Cup is more valuable than a deal that produced no championships for Buffalo or Los Angeles. Sarah Larimer reports Steven Ross, a minority shareholder of the Isles in the nineties has agreed to purchase half the of the Miami Dolphins from owner Wayne Huizenga with an opportunity to become managing general partner in the future.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
It should be noted Steve Ross and Dan Doctoroff who currently works for the Bloomberg Administration as deputy mayor joined with Howard Milstein and Steven Gluckstern in 1997 to buy the Islanders, for $195 million. Mr. Doctoroff and Mr. Ross each took a 5 percent stake in the team, but the group lost an estimated $40 million and sold the team in 2000 for $187.5 million according to a New York Times article by Charles Bagli in 2004 here.

Globe & Mail: Alan Maki's blog actually has an un-named NHL general manager quoted as saying you can live a little easier with the term if the money is right when talking about Rick DiPietro's contract.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Amazing how quickly we see contracts for similar money and far less years than DiPietro got. If he does play out the contract he absolutely will have left money on the table.

Finally, let's clear this up once and for all being I have done such a poor job with this.

Islanders won six in a row in 2003-04:
Dec. 21 at Washington Capitals W 5-4
Dec. 23 Philadelphia Flyers W 4-2
Dec. 26 at New Jersey Devils W 4-3 OT
Dec. 27 Toronto Maple Leafs W 3-1
Dec. 29 New Jersey Devils W 3-1
Dec. 31 at Pittsburgh Penguins W 6-1

Not to be confused with winning five in a row in 2002-03:
Dec. 23 Montreal Canadiens W 3-1
Dec. 28 Carolina Hurricanes W 3-0
Dec. 30 Florida Panthers W 2-1 OT
Dec. 31 at Buffalo Sabres W 1-0 OT
Jan. 3 Boston Bruins W 8-4

Let's hope the winning streak continues so if nothing else I can finally get this correct. I think my next potential error is the nine game streak after the Ken Baumgartner, Hubie McDonough trade for Miko Makela during the 89-90 season where the club went on an 18-3 run.

Of course my point was the club came through with a winning streak when they had to have it and are now back in realistic contention.