Quick poll update

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/22/2008 02:11:00 PM |
The latest poll results are in with a day remaining which asked what the club should do in terms of the defense with all the injuries?

Of course if I wrote the word " Make " as opposed to " Made " it might have helped if I spelled it properly but I suspect everyone got the point.

Once polls are entered blogger does not allow us to change any wording to correct a spelling error, I did not want to delete the poll and make anyone vote a second time.

I suspect the winning streak with Meyer, Martinek, Bergeron, Berard, Johnson and now Drew Fata have played into the voting as it should.

Current results:
Keep using Bridgeport callups 7 (28%)
Make a small deal to bring in a veteran 5 (20%)
Hang in until Witt, Gervais can play 11 (44%)
Make a big deal and get a top defender to help this group 2 (8%)

Eighteen of twenty five votes to stick with Bridgeport callus or hang in until Witt/Gervais return.

I felt a lateral move and trading a pick had to happen. I tend to feel the same way because one injury to anyone and they are already approaching the second tier of defenders left in Bridgeport. I cannot see this group staying healthy long-term given the injury history to Berard, Meyer or Martinek and even if they keep doing the job the club needs some depth to finish the season and perhaps survive a deep playoff run.

One thing for sure is they will not be getting back Campoli and an injury like Sutton's is one he may have problems returning from.

Thanks again for taking the time to vote.