NYI Fan Central at the Trade Deadline

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/21/2008 03:37:00 PM | |
New York Islander Fan Central will be going all out at the trade deadline unless something unexpected happens that changes my schedule.

As I announced from the beginning New York Islander Fan Central's goal is to be a hundred percent correct and dead last confirming deals because it's far more important to get it right.

I have no interest in breaking news, but I will post rumors and speculation from the print media and do my best to explain what the difference is as opposed to quotes from players and team officials commenting on specific players.

On Sunday I will add a few more News crawlers so everyone can see the trades as they come down whether Islander-centric or not. I'm likely going to do blogs and just keep updating them as deals come in as opposed to doing a ton of blogs.

I have been looking through sites and trying to pick the fastest and the most credible media sites. TSN does not have hockey-related RSS feeds ability for those curious.

I also want to thank the Islanders for extending myself and all of the bloggers access to the blog box on Tuesday starting at 11am. Being that I'm not interested in the interview part of things I will not be there but that is above and beyond and very generous of the folks from the Isles to extend that kind of offer.

No doubt the bloggers who do attend will do a great job and I highly encourage anyone reading this blog to check out all the other blogs as often as they can because they do an excellent job here for us.

The Isles do have a game on the day of the trade deadline so it will be a very busy time.