NYI Fan Central Trade Deadline Plan

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/25/2008 10:25:00 AM |

The final choices have been made and the plans for the deadline day coverage at New York Islander Fan Central are official. Let's hope the Isles do not mess with my page header and trade some of those players on the right side of the header.

Big changes to New York Islander Fan Central blog for the deadline. All of these features will be removed after it's over but I think we are setup very well to cover the deadline. As always all hockey comments are welcome on the blog and message board for those who would like to talk about whatever happens.

What's New?
**Countdown clock added with some bouncing things but color format works.
**Sportsnet trade tracker added to sidebar for announced trades.
**Poll closes at 3pm on sidebar Tuesday.
**NHL Trade Center added with direct links to the trade pages of the most reliable sites added.
**Islanders website crawler added to top of page for updates.
**Spector's Hockey crawler added to top of page for confirmed trades.
* TSN widget added to sidebar that includes NYI.com/NHL.com/Sportsnet.com updates.

**Removed after deadline

What's out?
*NHL scoreboard taken down for faster page loading.
* NYI Fan Central crawler taken down, feedburner for this blogs updates remains.

*Back on blog after deadline passes.

Here is the plan
Monday's format:
* I will have one blog for any incoming trades announced if any major deals are made Islanders or otherwise and add updates to the one blog posting.
* If nothing major happens I will do a Islanders/Sound Tigers/NHL notables late afternoon or early tonight when I can.
* Check blog feeders for all late night updates if you visit. Mr Logan had a blog after 10pm last night. Mr Botta, Mr Witt and Mr Fornabaio all could update at any time.

Islanders invited all blog box members to work from the Coliseum tomorrow starting at 11am so check their blogs for the latest word inside the Coliseum here.

My Format Tuesday will include the following:
* Daily articles to start coverage.
* Two blogs that will be updated constantly as all trades are confirmed, one for the Islanders, one for all other trades so keep checking back. Obviously the NHL blog will have the most updates.
* Isles centric blog will be added when/if they make a signing or trade, there is a chance we may not need one but if nothing happens I will do one blog with the Isles statement.

* Islander moves will have NYI Fan Central Comments, other trades will depend on time I have. At the end of that blog Isles statement will be posted.

* Islesnation chatroom 1pm-3pm but will be in and out.
* Islesnation talkshow 3pm-4-4:30pm here
* Isles vs Pens game preview posted 5pm/same for message board.
* Isles vs Pens recap 10pm or Wednesday morning.

* Islesnation recap message and code to show for those who missed it.
* Daily Articles/game results/trade reaction from players ect.
* Poll results.
* Final trade deadline thoughts if time allows.(late afternoon)
* PM Isles/SoundTigers NHL notables if time allows. (late afternoon)
* Changes to roster/prospect sections on sidebar if time allows. (likely Thursday)

My thanks as always to Mr Prospects for the great job he does on the message board for everyone with game updates on Isles prospects in the system and my thanks to everyone for the great support this blog has received and of course the Islanders for including this blog on the website.