Projecting out the standings Part IV

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/29/2008 07:47:00 AM |
Has been a while since this feature was updated.

Seems the Islanders are making me look good based on recent results for now as they needed to go 5-1-1 to stay on my projected pace of 93 points.

Projections vs game results.................93 points projected.
Jan 29, Senators-Loss 54 points 24-21-6.....Isles lost
Jan 31, Kings-Win 56 points 25-21-6.........Isles lost two points below pace set.
Feb 2, at Canadians-Loss 56 points 25-22-6..Isles lost
Feb 5, Ducks-Loss 56 points 25-23-6.........Isles lost
Feb 7, at Penguins otl 57 points 25-23-7....Isles lost three points below pace.
Feb 9, at Wild W 59 points 26-23-7..........Isles lost ot four point below pace set.
Feb 12 Flyers L 59 points 26-24-7...........Isles won two points below pace set.
Feb 14, at Maple Leafs L 59 points 26-25-7..Isles won even with pace set.
Feb 16, Thrashers W 61 points 27-25-7.......Isles won even with pace set.
Feb 18, Sharks W 63 points 28-25-7..........Isles won even with pace set.
Feb 20, at Capitals ot L 64 points 28-25-8..Isles won ahead of pace set by one pt.
Feb 21, Lightning W 66 points 29-25-8.......Isles won ahead of pace set by one pt.
Feb 23, at Devils L 66 points 29-26-8.......Isles lost ahead of pace set by one pt.
Feb 26, Penguins W 68 points 30-26-8........Isles lost behind pace set by one pt.
Feb 28, at Thrashers W 70 points 31-26-8....Isles win behind pace set by one pt..
Islanders despite going 5-2 fell behind pace I set them on at 5-1-1 which would mean a total of 92 points.

Given how the clubs in front of them are playing it could take even more than 93 points which was origional projection.
Upcoming game projections have only one regulation loss in seven games 3-1-3 and a possible nine of fourteen points, Isles would need to gain a point on this to get back to a 93 point pace for the season.

Mar 1 Flyers ot-L 71 points 31-26-9
Mar 2, Panthers W 73 points 32-26-9
Mar 4, at Rangers W 75 points 33-26-9
Mar 6, Rangers ot-L 76 points 33-26-10
Mar 8, at Flyers L 76 points 33-27-10
Mar 11 at Lightning W 78 points 34-27-10
Mar 12, at Panthers otl 79 points 34-27-11

I only have two regulation losses listed for the remainder of the seasonn in the next set of games.
My Projections of the entire schedule in the first part of this feature are
here for those who wish to reference.