Updated Poll Results

New York Islander Fan Central | 2/15/2008 01:56:00 PM |
Thanks for the big turnout on the poll everyone.

Here are the numbers going into the final day:

35 of 37-Want Bill Guerin to return for the second season of his contract.

32 of 37-Want the Islanders to trade Miroslav Satan who does have a no trade clause and can simply veto any deal and walk in the summer with no return.

28 of 37-In somewhat of a surprise to me given his poor production and age want Mike Sillinger to return for the third year of his contract.

22 of 36-Want the Islanders to resign Trent Hunter who is unrestricted this summer and has not had the production playing with Sillinger and an assortment of left wings this season.

36 of 36- Voted that Brendan Witt should return for the final year of his contract, despite what could have been a huge return before his knee injury which may make any discussion moot.

27 of 38-Voted that the club should bring back Mike Comrie. I tend to agree because they need every top six forward they can get and in the right mix of speed and skill could be so much better. But there are good reasons to find someone else also and save the money plus he could bring a good return as a rental.

31 of 36-Voted to trade Ruslan Fedotenko who is looking like the player he was the first twenty games and scoring some big goals. I wonder if the trends are going to go the other way based on the last few games. We have his comments about resigning here today for reference.

31 of 37-Voted to trade Josef Vasicek which is hard to disagree with because even though he has had a good week also, has lived up to his reputation of being inconsistent in terms of scoring, despite the great start. I ask the question why can't Frans Nielsen score if given a full shot, same for Ben Walter. Of course they may not be able to play the same kind of defense which coaches look for above anything with prospects.

Good job everyone. Going to be very tough to top this poll moving forward.