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Newsday: Greg Logan has the Islander Insider with Ted Nolan's comments he believes teams have tried to bully the Islanders without Simon in the lineup, but the enforcer must be aggressive within the rules of the league with the issue of what player could be demoted for Simon to return to his spot on left wing also speculated about.

Miroslav Satan did not want to comment what will happen if the Isles ask him to waive his no trade clause but will comment if that does happen at some point. Mike Comrie expressed his desire to return and told us about what's happened on this front to date, while Ruslan Fedotenko declined comment on whether he's negotiating with the Isles, but made it clear he liked the organization and wanted to stay.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't want to be critical of Greg Logan daily but how does he approach Satan, Comrie and Fedotenko and not the longest tenured player in Trent Hunter or at least get a no-comment from him or his agent? We read all the comments after his arbitration hearing last summer, it's time we get some kind of read on what's going to happen here. I read his blog comments where he blasted Simon earlier and of course he is entitled to that. I question why Mr Logan did not report on his trip to Winnipeg earlier and the teams website instead had to post the article for the fans afterward.

Regardless of how you feel about Simon there is an obligation to report everything if you are going to provide coverage.