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Thanks to the usual solid work from Mr Fornabaio who makes sure we have an updated player contract status for practically everyone in Bridgeport and the ECHL here at the end of each season I decided to add a Bridgeport/Utah section in terms of players in the Islanders system where every player is profiled.

The Sound Tigers website does not do profiles, the Islanders site only list some players who are usually prospects but not all of them so it was a combination of the Islanders website/ so everyone has a profile of sorts.

In addition some changes were made to the prospect section depending on where someone played. No point listing Kyle Okposo or Blake Comeau in the prospect section anymore with a new group of drafted players coming in June. Players like Dustin Kohn may be a prospect but he plays in Bridgeport and belongs in that section. Tim Jackman you could flip a coin on as to which section he belongs between the Isles and Tigers. Mark Wotton may have played in the NHL but he's in the Sound Tigers section and signed for next season.

If you see nothing written next to a player they are signed for next year.

Finally contract status for everyone was updated as best as possible, from the prospects who need to be signed by June 1st to Russian Prospects.

I just completed a full blog on this a few days ago for all prospects
here where I expanded a little more on each prospect.

For those checking the sidebar:
*-Denotes a prospect who needs to be signed by 6/1/08
**-Denotes a Russian Prospect who's status is up in the air with the transfer agreement.

Isles have a lot of college prospects who do not need to be signed.

****-Denotes Emile Axelsson who is not from Russia or signed by the Isles but is still listed as a prospect even though he was drafted in 2004.

In other words, I don't have a clue why he's listed and my favorite prospect's name Per Braxneholm is not?