Mr Wang needs to look the fans in the eyes also

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/15/2008 07:55:00 AM |

I responded in Mr Botta's blog about pod-casting and raised an issue.

I'm not sure if it went along the lines of what Mr Botta's good intentions are in terms of pod casting but I thought I would tell you what I did write here.

I have to be honest with my readers. I wish Charles Wang was on hand to take the fans questions and talk to everyone as Mr Cohen did in Florida and feel if it's at all possible he should make himself available to take the fans questions and perhaps do a blog as Ted Leonsis did during a lot of tough years in Washington.

Mr Wang is the face of this organization and does all the press conferences announcing major events. Mr Dey can talk of the business direction and what they are trying to do as can Garth Snow and Ted Nolan about the hockey product.

I absolutely think Mr Dey has the right idea when he wants the fans to know the plan and look the people in the eyes and tell them when they are trying to do and be up front with them.

Having written that no one needs to be there more than Charles Wang to do exactly that.

More than anyone, Charles Wang has been the face of this franchise since the day he purchased it. He's done a lot of very good things and brought a franchise back to the playoffs that missed seven years in a row under ownerships that hid from the fans and did nothing but create a disconnect with it's fans.

Mr Wang's done all he can to reconnect with the alumni to make up for what other owners failed to do and most importantly he has does far more than anyone to put his resources behind this team despite it being impossible not to lose revenue in a facility this old with an impossible lease for any owner to make a profit even if every ticket were sold. His efforts got a team in Bridgeport for our prospects and saved it a few years ago.

Mr Wang's made some mistakes as an owner with regard to the hockey decisions but that example must begin with him looking the fans in the eye and telling the fans his vision whether they agree or not.

That's how you connect with your fans, that how you get them to believe in a
long-term plan and what you are trying to do.

More than any coach or general manager Mr Wang should be one looking eye to eye in the faces of the people who attend the games and face the though questions tomorrow.

That's how you get them to buy into what you are trying to do.

I hope more than anyone he can make himself available tomorrow and would be willing to do this. It's the best possible way the Islanders can make this connection with it's fan base.