NYI Fan Central Final Review of Jon Sim

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/21/2008 07:50:00 AM | |
Today a quick look at Jon Sim.

Jon Sim went into 2007-08 with a lot on his shoulders playing for a new club and coming off two seventeen goal seasons in Atlanta. He seemed one of the players management targeted early and gave extra years specifically to land him.

I saw a player in pre-season games/his two regular season games who had a nice ability to get in quality area's of the ice and not waste his speed and quickness with a lot of peripheral skating, a few times he went straight at the net from the corners or behind the goal. I remember one very impressive goal in preseason against Montreal he just took the puck and drove straight into the crease and started banging away. It was something lacking on this roster all season but it's fair to write on a limited offensive roster Sim would have had the same problems because it seemed contagious in 2007-08. All we know is he was supposed to play with Hunter and Sillinger and we could be back to square one come October with that line getting another chance.

Moving Forward:
All I know is every player who had this kind of injury needed an extra year before regaining their quickness and hit a wall in recovery. I know from reports Sim would have returned for the playoffs and was practicing at full speed. Maybe the summer makes a difference but we saw this with Peca, Martinek, Nokelainen and a lot of players where things are not a hundred percent for a full two years before they get their full speed back. Sim is not a young player but he has two more years on his Islander contract and we will find out come September.

Bergenheim, Comeau and Tambellini are all left wingers who should be here in September. Sim is a career left wing, he has to score and provide grit and speed.

A lot is being asked.