A little Tim Ryan Ch 9 Islander Hockey

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/20/2008 06:30:00 PM | | | |

A little spring dancing between Bob Nystrom and Mike Milbury and one amazing fight with Mel Bridgeman. I used to love Tim Ryan's work on channel nine calling Islander hockey. If I have the time line correct, Mr Ryan was replaced by Steve Albert in 1980 before Bill Torrey contacted Jiggs McDonald for 1981.

I have to admit I do not know who is doing the play by play here unless it's George Michael of Sportsmachine fame.

I know for a short time John Potvin was in and how of the booth in his Islander career before going into the radio side after his official retirement. John Sterling also did play by play on WMCA radio in those day for the Isles.

Here is something incredible. The Channel Nine opening to Islanders Hockey back in the 1980's on WOR with Jiggs McDonald.