NYI Fan Central Update

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2008 10:14:00 AM |

For those reading this blog on a regular basis you may have noticed a few subtle changes. We sure do seem a million years removed from the days of X-Ice which some may recall was the first New York Islanders official website version launched over a decade ago.

* Many items now have pictures linked to the sites. I'm not going to go overboard in that department.

* The new draft in blogger feature allows me to schedule updates as to when I want blogs released and seems to work well. A few things written have been spread out so folks have new content each day even when I am not available.

* The new NHL Network player has been added to the NHL section in the media section at the bottom of the blog, just click on the picture to launch it. Excellent free feature by the league I think everyone will enjoy.

* The Sound Tigers live radio link and live game scoreboard have been moved to the side bar. I cannot guarantee if B2 networks will provide an auto feed to each game but it's the same link on the Sound Tigers website to listen live.

* Sound Tiger game highlights will be placed on the sidebar when available.

* Islander TV features will still be posted on the sidebar.

* I created a new widget for Islanders, Sound Tigers, Newsday, feeds along with blogs carried. Islander/Sound Tiger TV is also included so you can get the latest in one place with the last ten updates.

* Islander widget for the blog box was updated and enhanced a little, for those who copied the first version, just cut and paste the new HTML. Seems this one blog called New York Islander Fan Central changed feeds.

* Isles schedule, standings, fantasy news, NHL scoreboard has been put in mothballs for the summer but will return unless I can find an upgrade to them. I took them down so the page would load faster for those with older computers and just to streamline things a little.

* The NHL.com widget for the Isles I did not like, some may remember it was here for a while but the website feeder is quicker and better.

* The Islanders all-time roster link was added to the page for anyone wishing to check on someone who was an Islander at some point in the teams history.

* No set date on a new message board release but I'm considering June 1st before the draft when it's still a little quiet and at a point after the World Championships.

* I'm looking at some fun new things for the blog moving forward, always a work in progress.

* Too many feeders or search engines had updates with Welcome to New York Islander Fan Central on it, so I edited down the welcome part to the correct name intended for the blog wherever I could.

Thanks as always and of course welcome.