Update on latest poll:

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/11/2008 05:42:00 AM |
The latest poll asks the question who's out among the current group of Islander defenders?

As this poll hits the homestretch here is the latest:
One of the signed defenders 3
Bruno Gervais-Restricted FA 0
Aaron Johnson-Restricted if qualified 7
Bryan Berard-UFA 21
Rob Davison-UFA 17

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good job as usual from the folks voting. Fair to write with so many players signed and players like Hillen, Kohn only getting closer it's tough to see Berard or Davison returning unless one of the signed players is traded.

Considering the high regard the staff talks about Gervais unless his concussion problems are even worse than reported I expect him resigned. No one is expecting a trade nor am I.

Among the other signed defenders there is a market but the voters (and myself) do not see a trade among that group but it's possible.

Berard for most of the second half shocked me with his durability in circumstances he had to play and did a solid job in his own end of the ice.

Davison for someone sitting in the stands for months also looked like more than a servicable defender, cannot remember too many mistakes, just steady play.

Johnson looked good and the staff constantly praised his work ethic and attitude, at his age I want to see a little more but it could come down to competition. I'm not sure he receives a qualifying offer.