Rangers 3, New York 0

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/03/2008 11:33:00 PM | |
Islanders website: Jason Lockhart has the recap of tonight's 3-0 loss to the Rangers. Ted Nolan talked about the difference between the experience of both clubs and felt the Isles competed hard and gave his comments on Jack Hiller. Kyle Okposo gave his comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I wrote a good thing would happen tonight, Isles clinched a lottery pick that could bring them the top pick in a great draft as of Monday.

Toronto got bombed 8-2 tonight in a rivalry game. Kids as usual put up a better fight than the vets.

Tough night on the ice for the Isles against a desperate team that had not qualified for the playoffs that would have been in trouble if they did not win here. Okposo's shot goes in early it becomes a different game. Kids got some chances and took some hits but when the opposition gets seven powerplays and scores on two on a team with that trap and such a limited offense, it's not going to happen. The recent offensive numbers for the Isles do not lie.

Not going to put the goals on Dubie, even though all three were outside shots, Martinek's clear on the second goal did not clear the zone and he could not get over on the shot. Straka and Jagr both has the puck in good shooting position. He made a great save on Drury and caught a break at the end of the second.

Too bad Bergenheim did not finish one either, he seems to be the hot shooter against the Rangers and did everything but finish. Hillen did not look bad, going from college to this situtation is asking for an awful lot.

Cannot play under these circumstances and give up two powerplay goals or allow the opposition seven powerplays.

One more tomorrow, hopefully these veterans give these kids something. Always seems the road team has less pressure.

Brennan and Davison get another shot at Avery tomorrow.

Listened to Mr Wang's interview with Howie Rose when I got back. You do not have to like everything he does but the man at least comes on television and tells the fans what he's trying to do and no doubt he is not happy about the club's record.

I know maybe for some of the younger readers you may not understand this but our team had owners before him that were AWOL for years that had zero respect for the fans, complain if you want but give the man his due for at least standing in front of the camera after a losing season.

We used to have owners here who made no effort at all to connect with the fans.