So how is Garth Snow adding an enforcer?

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/25/2008 01:17:00 PM |
I look at this roster and the general manager's comments about adding an enforcer/heavyweight and wonder where he plans on fitting such a player?

Just a quick review of the Isles depth chart excluding their own UFA which clouds the picture even more if one is resigned:

For the record folks Tambellini has to play in the NHL now or clear waivers and the same goes for Frans Nielsen. We can debate Okposo playing in the NHL or Bridgeport later but for now I'll keep him off the list.

So where does Garth Snow plan on adding this enforcer to his forward group without trading someone?

I'm not even talking about Hennigar, Ben Walter (rfa) Colliton or last year's closest thing to an enforcer who did not fight much in Tim Jackman.

Backline does not seem to have a spot either with Witt, Meyer, Martinek, Campoli, Gervais & Sutton signed with Hillen. Johnson also is restricted if Isles decided to qualify him. Only seems logical Dustin Kohn gets a longer look next year.

I'm not seeing it in terms of adding a pure enforcer unless it's someone who can produce offense and play physical like a Darcy Tucker but why would Toronto let him go and how much does he have left? Obviously he's no fan favorite with Isles.

Not as easy as bringing back Eric Godard or handing a Donald Brashear type a spot on a club that cannot score.

Should be interesting to see how Garth Snow does address this because I'm having a head time seeing it. I cannot see him going back to Chris Simon and how do you justify a spot for him with those young players on left wing the organization wants to play?

Former Islander Aaron Asham is not going to help with offense if you are thinking he is available, he did nothing for his team in the playoffs.

Who's roster spot are you giving this enforcer? We know Witt, Sutton can fight while Guerin and Comrie should not be fighting. Davison can fight supposedly but did not do much of that here if he were resigned.