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To answer one e-mail, I can time-release blogs, this way the blog keeps updating with new articles.

Ct Post: Micheal Fornabaio blogged in more detail on the great game in Albany last night. He also looked at the report on Kim Johansson and indicated it could mean he's just released from Malmo, not necessarily signing with the Islanders or anyone. The bad news of the day is that former Islander coach Steve Stirling was reassigned and will no longer coach the Norfolk Admirals here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I may be the only one but I really liked Steve Stirling and felt he did a fantastic job here as a rookie coach getting a club without Yashin, Parrish and other injuries for long stretches in the second half to a ninety two point season and a playoff spot in 2004. He got a fifty point season out of Oleg Kvasha when he needed him to step up and play center. I really like Ted Nolan but what Stirling did his first year was far more impressive then what the Isles did the last two seasons because he had even less to work with.

I wish him luck in whatever he does, classy man who not only did a good job his first season but did a great job in Bridgeport leading the Sound Tigers to a Calder Cup Finals appearance in their first season.

In terms of Kim Johansson we just have to see how it plays out. As I indicated earlier he could be moving to another club in Europe or signing with the Isles. There is no rule that he cannot sign with a club in Europe for next season then do a deal with the Isles unless it's in the contract he must play for his new European club.

With a little more than a month left before he can re-enter the draft it is something that bears watching.

Point Blank: Mr Botta had a great blog the other day on draft rankings and how as fans sometimes we become experts based on one report we read one day. I used to be a lot more in tune with the draft and had a lot of great help back in the mailing list days as I had a poster named Kevin who just did these incredible breakdowns months before on the top one hundred prospects in detail. I do not have that anymore and usually rely on Kyle Woodlief who's work is amazing but like anyone his ratings can be far different than someone else.

That was one reason I did a poll on this now. I was hoping for some feedback to go with the voting and hoped I got the concensus top players correct. With this being such a great draft class some of those second rounders would be first rounders in a weaker class so it's the right time to do a lot of reading from whatever we can find.

International Ice Hockey Updated the rosters for team USA, Russia (no Igor Volkov) and Canada for the World Championships while Katie Strang at Newsday did a brief blog here with no new information whether Sean Bergenheim can play for Finland tomorrow vs Canada given his injury.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Given he was not announced as confirmed for Finland's roster I guess that's new information?

Canadian Had an interesting feature using their own standards to determine the value of all NHL players, teams vs salary and production this season.

Cape Brenton Post: T.J Coletto reports Islanders defenseman Aaron Johnson of Port Hawkesbury will be honored this coming Tuesday prior to a World Championship exhibition game between Team Norway and Team Slovenia.