When Hockey mattered in New York

New York Islander Fan Central | 4/28/2008 02:47:00 PM |
Good day for a little Islanders-Sound Tigers mailing list retrospective from the hockey media on 4/29/2002 after the Islanders tied Toronto 3-3 in the 2002 playoffs.

In those days only Cablevision was hiding Islander Hockey on Metro.

I'm doing this today just to remind everyone it was not too long ago hockey had a media presence in New York. Isles were getting close to or more than double digit articles in Newsday, look at the blanket coverage from top to bottom all over New York.

Back then the New York Islanders winning was very important in New York.

The links to these articles likely no longer work but if anyone wants them let me know by e-mail and I will send them.
Newsday 1: Islanders Push It to Limit Get even in many ways, force Game 7

Newsday 2: For Finale, Home is the Place to Be

Islanders 3: Mariusz Shows Up in the Nick of Time Scores first two goals of playoffs, plays physically

Newsday 4: Webb makes an impact at home, on the road.

Newsday 5: Ow, Canada, Leafs still offer hope

Newsday 6: NHL will not evolove until flagrants are fouls

Newsday 7: Peca shoots from hip on check

Newsday 8: Wang: Tucker was trying to hurt Peca

Newsday 9: Coliseum crew pulls off quick makeover

Newsday 10: Not a total loss: Travis Green on Leafs

Newsday 11: Maple Leafs say, Flu bug as tiring as Isles wining

NY Post 1: Isles lay into Leafs

NY Post 2: Gave of their lives

NY Post 3: League won't hit Leafs for cheap shots

Daily News 1: Isles get mad, even

Daily News 2: Yashin unbelievable

Daily News 3: Campbell swallows his whistle

NY Times: Isles force game seven

NY Times 2: Leagues soft power aides Leafs strategy

NY Times 3: Fans booing anthem need a penalty box

Toronto Sun 1: Leafs fail to sink Isles: Tucker credits the Isles grit

Toronto Sun 2: Isles PP proves the difference

Toronto Sun 3: Injury intent denied

Toronto Sun 4: Hits were hard but not dirty: NHL

Toronto Sun 5: Peca pining for clear-cut suspension laws

Toronto Sun 6: Isles, Leafs have battle scars

Toronto Sun 7: Strong Case for defence

Toronto Sun 8: Corson accused of a kick

Toronto Sun 9: Leafs knocked off their game plan

Toronto Sun 10: Maple Leaf is abused on Island

Toronto Sun 11: Superpest adds his two cents: Steve Webb

Toronto Sun 12: Game seven loss to Devils lingers for Leafs

Toronto Sun 13: Isles feeling loose

Toronto Sun 14: Isles watch

Toronto Sun 15: Leafs watch: Mixed bag on Baby Leafs-SoundTigers and Cujo's birthday

Toronto Star 1: Get Ready for a Wild one

Toronto Star 2: Leafs, Isles doing nothing for the game of hockey

Toronto Star 3: Isles frustrate Leafs and get to Joseph

Toronto Star 4: Lumme finds home with Leafs

Toronto Star 5: Leaf chances are being killed on penalties

Toronto Star 6: Battle of Tawdry hockey goes to Isles

Toronto Star 7: TV smelled blood so real, that other stories got overlooked.