Hennigar, Hillen, Aquino, Isles notables

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Tsn.ca: Reports Rob Hennigar was named one of Canada's best university athletes Monday at the BLG Awards. Islanders website updated the earlier release to include Garth Snow's praise for his accomplishment while Canadian Press has Hennigar's comments.

BLG Canada.com: Gives some background as to what the Borden Ladner Gervais awards are all about and Rob Hennigar's accomplishments here.

Newsday: Katie Strang again updated the Isles blog with a Jack Hillen interview.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Could be old comments from when Hillen was here at the end of the season, tough to tell from the content but a lot more from a player who seems to be someone the Isles are going to give a chance to play full time in the NHL.

Times Herald: Notes Islander prospect Rookie of the Year Luciano Aquino in the IHL Turner Cup Finals with the Ft Wayne Komets.

Ft Wayne Journal Gazette: Justin A. Cohn has blanket coverage on the Komets and a blog.

Newsday: Mark Harrington reports on Cablevision's bid to purchase Newsday with former U.S. Sen. Alfonse D'Amato, whose Park Strategies Washington Group Llc is listed as a lobbyist for Rupert Murdoch's NY Post.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't think folks understand how bad a situation this is going to become.
A. The Post owns Newsday's Islander coverage.
B. Cablevision owns Newsday's Islander coverage.
C. The Daily News owns Newsday's Islander coverage.

You take a team off television or limit them only to games, knock their newspaper space down to nothing to a point they cannot market themselves and then your opposition buys the only paper in your market the Isles are going to have an impossible task to market themselves which is already nearly impossible.

They are not having these town halls just to tell us the direction on the ice, it's also because of a media who will not tell the New York Islanders story so folks will purchase tickets.

The man who talked Charles Wang into purchasing the Islanders (Al D'Amato)
and used to work the other side of the street in the past for Smg (and likely still does) now is paid by Rupert Murdoch who's Fox merger with Msg killed Islander ratings and sportschannel a decade ago?

Now Mr D'Amato wants Rupert Murdoch's NY Post (a paper without a full time Islander beatwriter) who's merger with Msg hurt the Isles on television to have ownership of Newsday so we can lose all coverage here too?

That may be the good news.

Cablevision (Charles Dolan/James Dolan) that made Islander television a necessity because they hid our team to drive down ratings also now could own the only paper that covers our team? These are the people who took over the teams television rights from Murdoch's Sportschannel and took them off television a decade ago, and hid our
playoff games on Metro. How are you going to feel knowing Msg owns the articles printed on the games?

What's next Islanders will be in Newsday plus when the new format comes out that features only the Garden-owned teams on the sports pages?

Roy Boe in 1972 did not even have these kind of roadblocks.

And the third party in this disaster is Mort Zuckerman who treats the Islanders like dirt in his Daily News and all but threw the club crumbs for coverage last season and those crumbs are getting smaller each year.

Pick your poison folks because if you think the New York Islanders are hurting now in the stands partly because of poor coverage and limited space you have not seen anything yet if one of these three entities purchase Newsday.