NHL Notables, Bergenheim, Wilson fired, Yashin

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Updated 8:30pm:
Sean Bergenheim did not play in Finland's 6-3 loss vs Canada Monday.

Globe & Mail: Eric Duhatscheck reports neither Chris Osgood or Mike Riberio will be suspended by Colin Campbell after Osgood provoked Riberio into a baseball-style love tap at the end of game two which received a match penalty.

Mr Duhatschek also asks isn't everyone getting tired of talking about the 1975 Islanders or Leafs if Dallas cannot win game three?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm not going to tell anyone this was a Chris Simon like hit to some one's head but my point is Riberio did go after a players chest with his stick and if the so-called precedent is to suspend for such action once again Colin Campbell only applies his personal standard of what the rules are. It sure does seem like there are different rules for different players at different times. Osgood looked like he butt-ended Riberio in the head.

The show goes on. The Stars will have their leading scorer in the lineup and the Red Wings will have their starting goalie - which is the way Colin Campbell and both teams want it.

If his name was Chris Simon he would have been made an example of again with another thirty games. If his name were Chris Pronger he would have gotten a slap on the wrist or a game and only because the media would have brought up his number of suspensions which would have influenced Campbell.

This is why it's impossible to respect Mr Campbell who seems over his head in his job. There were teams that had their seasons decided on penalties in deciding games in overtime (Washington) with the rule to call everything at all times but when the person in charge of player discipline is under that pressure with plenty of time to get it right from his office (unlike officials who have to make split-second decisions) he constantly makes up his own rules as he goes.

As for Mr Duhatschek and the 42 Leafs/75 Islanders sidebar getting tired perhaps he should give the Ranger media fans a call for the spam show selling us the thirty three year angle (42 Leafs/75 Isles) that this was the Rangers time as JP Parise and Clark Gillies were contacted at a point the series was 3-0.

Speaking of spam shows Cablevision announced it has acquired Newsday Monday here with details of the announcement. Mr Wang had a few words of praise for Charles Dolan a few days ago here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A newspaper featuring the Cablevision agenda?

If it's run like Msg network people will be laughing at the content if Garden events receive space on the backpage over the major sports stories. Considering the Garden's sport properties lost a combined 19m in the first quarter of 2008 don't they have enough problems with what they already do own?

Not like the Isles coverage can get much worse at Newsday then what they are getting already. It will be fun reading the horror stories as long-time employees get the Marv Albert treatment for their content and shown the door. This is a media company that has restricted or turned off Islander coverage completely over a decade doing a ton of damage to local hockey ratings by restricting content.

Going to get interesting when we start seeing tons of advertising for Cablevision owned teams all over Newsday. Will the Isles even be allowed to advertise in the local paper anymore?

Ottawa Sun: Bruce Garrioch has Alexei Yashin's agents comment that he's not going to be available to sign by July 1 because he'll already be committed to going back to Russia but would like to return to the NHL if the right offer happens now.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
A Bruce Garrioch article with actual quotes from someone involved to confirm his update for once may be the bigger story? Yashin through his agent is talking himself out of the NHL forever with statements like this from his agent. Cannot have your agent tell teams sign me now or I'm not waiting.

Tsn.ca: Reports the Nashville Predators resigned RFA Martin Erat to a contract worth $31.5 million contract over seven years.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Somewhere Trent Hunter and his agent must be wondering what's going on here because even though Erat's production has improved a seven year deal for that kind of salary seems very high or Nashville is sending it's message they are not going to lose any more players like last year.

Updated 8:30pm:
Tsn.ca/several sources: Report San Jose Sharks General manager Doug Wilson (brother of Ron) today fired long-time head coach Ron Wilson.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Shows how out of touch I am with the Western Conference when I do not know the general manager is the head coaches brother or how hard it is to follow the other conference with such limited coverage? Second round of playoffs obviously not enough for Bob Wilson. I sure loved the peace and quiet of Jeremy Roenick in San Jose last season and he did a great job for them.

Time to update the fired coaches list:
Quenneville, Hartley, Hanlon, Maurice, Wilson, Paddock.

Am I missing anyone on the list? Nonis was Vancouver's general manager. Waddell is still in limbo with reports he may be back or was asked to step down.

For that matter why does Mike Keenan still have a job after what he did to his franchise goaltender in the deciding game?