Question about Mr Logan

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/13/2008 05:05:00 AM | |
I received a question today about Mr Logan that asked if I was being fair with him in my blog which I would like to answer to all my readers.

The last thing I want to do is write about Greg Logan in my space here unless it's to praise a good article but between the poor coverage and what seems like an agenda to stir things up whenever he can, I feel I am given little choice if I am going to hold hockey media coverage under the spotlight.

He may be a very nice person but this is only about his hockey content.

When was the last time this man wrote anything positive about this team beyond a quick paragraph while writers for other teams always talk up the positive?

Outside writers in other cities may get mad at their teams and rip them but they love the teams they cover, that's why so many of them have been in the same job for decades covering those beats.

All Mr Logan does is make me feel lousy about being a fan of this franchise between his indifference in the club's lack of coverage and stirring things up. Things are not great but they are not that bad either.

Mr Fornabaio in the Ct Post never makes me feel this way about being a Sound Tiger fan regardless of the record and in my opinion works as hard as someone can to cover a team and does an outstanding job telling the club's story which is what the Islanders desperately need.

Mr Fornabaio's enthuisasitc in his work, you can tell he enjoys it and he blogs as if he understands the fans want more and he delivers even now as he tells us the AHL playoff story or anything else happening. It's fantastic work on every possible level and it makes me want to be a Sound Tiger fan.

For Mr Logan everything seems to have a negative spin behind it and it all comes from his speculation which fans pick up on because he's the only full time writer and his message is usually the only one sent around the NHL print media world.

Rick DiPietro is the first Islander goalie to start an all-star game and he cannot even be bothered to do some blogs on it?

What's sad is when some veterans did deserved to be ripped for poor play he wanted no part of it in his coverage even when the coach was ripping them but he seemed to go all out aganinst DiPietro who had a very good second half, statistics aside.

Why the double-standard?

The lack of blogs I think are not fair to our fans. He should understand this beat requires more even if it is just an assigmnent for him. The hard work a year ago to track down Ryan Smyth changing planes on his way here was lacking all season this time around. How can he justify the Isles being outblogged five to one in Newsday by the other hockey writer?

It seems almost everything negative about this franchise comes out of Mr Logan's personal speculation.

Worst of all Newsday's lack of features on individual players hurts the club's marketability in recruiting players from other clubs in free agency. Signing here you will not get any hype which will make money for the player and more interest in the team.

What's fascinating to me was when the Isles went to Western Canada this season for the first time in years the franchise reconnected with the media up there and got to tell their story without Newsday's spin from afar and so many people did positive articles after having first hand access to the club.

You can see it now from a lot of outside articles, no one is ripping the Isles like they were doing a year ago. Seeing these people from the Isles in person and telling the club's story changed the perception of some writers.

I hope that answers your question.