Final Poll Results

New York Islander Fan Central | 5/01/2008 06:57:00 PM |
Usual impressive job by the readers in this weeks poll which was what you would do with the Islanders first round draft pick and another great turnout.

I voted for Alex Pietrangelo and that the club should take best player available.

Zach Bogosian was the consensus along with someone out of Stamkos, Fliatov or Doughty will drop to the fifth pick.

No one felt the team would go off the board and take someone rated lower on the prospect list or that the Isles would trade down, but a few felt the team would trade up.

Final results were as follows:

Zach Bogosian D 12 (26%)
Alex Pietrangelo D 7 (15%)
Luke Schenn D 7 (15%)
Mikkel Bdker RW 1 (2%)
Colin Wilson C 3 (6%)
Kirill Petrov RW 0 (0%)
Cody Hodgson C 5 (10%)
Filatov, Stamkos or Doughty will drop to Isles 15 (32%)
Kyle Beach 1 (2%)
Isles trade down 0 (0%)
Isles trade up 2 (4%)
Isles go for offense regardless 2 (4%)
Isles take best player available 18 (39%)
Isles go off the board for another prospect 0 (0%)
Isles trade pick despite gm's comments 0 (0%