Jason Blake Update

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Toronto Star: Kevin McGran reports today that Jason Blake will not be bought out by the Leafs but would not put up a fuss if he were traded if that was the decision made by the organization with his comments and that of interim general manager Cliff Fletcher as well as updates of his health being good.

Tsn.ca: Also picked up on Toronto Star report regarding the Masterson finalist here.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The great news is Jason Blake is doing well health wise.

The sad part is someone writes a headline titled Blake would welcome trade out of Toronto but if you read the article there is no comment from Blake where he said he would welcome a trade. Seems like the star headline writer had to stir the pot.

As for interim gm Cliff Fletcher saying he will not be bought out that may not be the next gm's take if/when a full time gm is hired and it could be posturing by the Leafs who may just buy him out if they cannot create a trade market for him before late June.

I do not see a trade for Jason Blake anywhere given his huge contract and poor season combined with his future health. Also after one season you would think they would not buy him out and see what he does in year two but stranger things have happened.

Should the Isles be interested?

Not with that cap hit for his contract for that many years. A year ago they were not interested before his health problems coming off a forty goal season. There is no trade that makes sense for the Isles in that regard unless Toronto wants to start including top draft picks and their own top prospects with Blake and takes Bates/Hilbert contracts off Garth Snow's hands.

Even that is not enough to give back in contracts for this to make sense for the Isles and Toronto is not giving up their first round pick when they can do a buyout.

If Blake were bought out by Toronto then it could make some sense for the Isles in the short term to sign him. Both sides obviously missed the other last season as Blake can carry the puck which was/is lacking among the current Islander forward group where on other teams they have several players who can do that. What is disturbing is Blake's shot total did not decline and still he did not produce.