Could Snow be looking offer sheet?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/23/2008 07:31:00 PM | | |
Call this some speculation on my part but why in a draft where many second rounders were considered first round talents did Garth Snow decline his option to take Toronto's pick at sixty on Saturday?

He traded up for Chicago's pick later to go with his other third round selections so obviously he wanted depth from this draft class.

Sure the Islander general manager may have decided to put another second rounder in the prospect bank for the 2009 draft which also includes his own pick and the one he will likely have from Boston when Nokelainen hits his games played incentive next season.

That's at least three and a great start looking ahead.

And of course Toronto could be a lottery team next year and that second rounder instead of being a pick at the end of the second round Saturday could be a pick at the beginning of the second round next summer.

The Isles gm also did have more picks than any other club in this draft.

Having written all that with the talent pool that deep Saturday why not use the pick this year when next summer that pick may be worth a lot less?

Only thing that makes sense beyond what I have written is he's getting ready to drop an offer sheet and will use that second rounder as part of the compensation depending on the contract.

Makes sense to me based on some of the pending restricted free agents without huge contracts and would require a second as part of the draft pick compensation.

I guess we will see but something to consider.