Early Evening Monday Isles Update

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Islanders website: Website/Publications Coordinator Jason Lockhart looks at the Sarnia connection with Isles OHL area scout Tim MacLean, 2008 picks Justin DiBenedetto, Matt Martin along with comments from 2007Islander selection Mark Katic.

SI.com: Adam Muir in the NHL draft winners and losers article has the Islanders in the honorable mention department for making hay with potential first-rounders Corey Trivino, Aaron Ness, Jyri Niemi and Kirill Petrov on Saturday.

Toronto was hit was a loser tag because they gave up draft picks in a skill draft for a defensive-defenseman in the top five?

THN.com: Brian Costello of THN also was very critical of Cliff Fletcher for giving up prospect depth.

Montreal Gazette: Has Mark Renaud, father of former Spitfires captain Mickey Renaud comments regarding the Islanders selecting Josh Bailey along with the Spitfires' centre statement he dedicated his selection in Renaud's honour.

Colmbus Dispatch: Michael Arace reports Jacket fans are not too happy with the overall draft, that Filatov was another third-liner and another mercurial Russian dangler combined with asking who's drafting Russians. For the sake of balance he includes Filatov looks a lot like Zherdev -- but without the baggage, and with an apparently clear path to North America.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I guess we shall see. Means nothing until they hit the ice at this level and then we get a good idea as time passes.

Quick hit:
Espn/several outlets report Barry Melrose will be officially announced as new coach of the Tampa Bay Lightning on Tuesday.

Ray Emery of the Senators has been bought out after clearing waivers. Washington Capitals Ben Clymer, Carolina Hurricanes, Jeff Hamilton (former Islander) and David Tanabe have been placed on waivers.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Carolina seemingly has the former Islander-Sound Tiger on waivers every other week.

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New York Islander Fan Central does not acknowledge amateur/guest fan writers as acredited professional writers regardless of their content in the main news section of this blog which is why something written on the club in Newsday late monday was not included here.

For what the Isles pay Newsday for advertising they deserve a professional writer at the very least.

A little surprised on the poll for the Islanders draft given the reaction on Friday. I gave the Isles overall a C.

Moved Draft center just above prospect center, will be adding in profiles of the
2008 draft class to prospect section as made available.

I think I did all I could do to get my message out here on the Islanders playing in the outdoor game and have now removed the links to contact Mayor Bloomberg, anyone
wants the link again please contract me privately.

I'm considering another live interactive blog for July 1st given the big success of the draft chats both days last weekend. I need to decide on a time where its possible but it's possible nothing could happen regarding our team.

Of course suggestions regarding that would be helpful.