How our live chat will work tonight and Saturday

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First off it's been a while but my thanks to everyone for the incredible turnout of people e-mailing and visiting this blog on a daily basis. There are so many folks that visit daily I feel obligated to do my absolute best for everyone.

It's like hockey season for the Islanders never ended here.

I hope many of you decide to visit Friday night and join the chat or just say hello so I can thank you personally for your support here, if not there is always Saturday morning and everyone is welcome. All I ask is we keep things focused on the Islanders and the hockey.

Friday night at around 6:30 I will start a new blog that will include a live chat box without registration. At 6:45pm the box will go live where anyone can add discussion as I put in the picks as we start talking Islanders/NHL draft. I will also add the feed to the Islanders website to the scrolling tickers we have now and add in as much as I can on the picks as they come in.

With one pick only for night one it could get slow for Islander centric content but we'll see.

I have a lot of sites that have draft trackers but no one came up with a crawl for blogs and never have in the past. The one I hand made at the top of the page will be updated manually.

In between live blogs I will do the early Saturday morning news articles recapping the first round.

Saturday morning after the articles I'm going to repeat this again starting at 9:30am with a brand new blog that will go live at 9:45am until the draft is done. Again I will put in links to all the prospect updates on the new players I can find.

I'm going to need some help with round two and on because I really have not done much research.

When everything is finally done around Sunday (likely Monday) I will update the Islanders prospect center on the blog with the new draft picks and then early next week slowly remove the draft center as things move to free agency.

Thanks again, hope to speak with you tonight. I threw in a quick poll for your final first round pick which is a repeat from a while back which closes at 7pm Friday.

NYI Fan Central has full access to the NHL Network on television so if they are live for the second round tomorrow I should be able to get out the selections quickly along with versus tonight for the first round.

The feedburner widget has been taken down for now so folks can access the live draft trackers quickly. All the NYI Fan Central blog update feeds are still in the crawler and all over the blog.

More feeds from major news outlets have been added to media section of the blog toward bottom. I think every major hockey outlet and more has things covered. has not put up a live draft tracker yet, when they do I will add it in with the links above.