Islander/NHL Afternoon Pre-Draft Notables

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Islanders website: Vellu-Pekka Kautonen, Islanders Chief European Scout had an update in the teams draft blog Friday around 12:30pm.

Ryan Jankowski's update from ITV earlier was added to the sidebar of the blog. Reports Goaltenders Ray Emery and Dan Cloutier have been put on waivers, the first step that must be taken to buy them out.

Winnipeg Sun: Bruce Garrioch had a few words in an article on Steven Stamkos about his Sarnia teammate, Islander draft pick from 2007 Mark Katic.

I will add all updates to this one blog unless major Islander-centric trade happens during the afternoon before the live draft blog goes up.

Updated: Deputy Commissioner Bill Daly had an interview about the transfer agreement.

Updated 3:30pm:
Islander Pro Scouts Chris O'Sullivan and Toby O'Brien provide blog updates which will only be up for a few hours on the sidebar here (slow page loading) but available on ITV.

Updated 4pm:

Newsday: Greg Logan reports in Newsday's Islander blog as of 3pm Garth Snow was too busy to put down his phone to take a reporter’s call. Director of amateur scouting Ryan Jankowski interviewed and confirmed the gm is fielding calls, but it’s not quite as active as we thought it would be, that it will heat up later when we get to the arena and that the clubs answer all along has been Yes to all those proposing to move up or down. More speculation about picks and positioning by the Isles staff are discussed by Mr Janowski and Mr Logan.

Mr Logan reports he could have a new update about the time the draft is set to begin if there is anything to report.
For those who follow all the blog box member updates here I changed the feeder to allow for the last twenty updates (max permitted) because between all thirteen blogs my guess is that will never even cover half a days updates for the next few days when everyone starts writing.

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Updated 6pm:
Islanders had another brief update from Ryan Jankowski.

Newsday blog posted some video of Nikita Filatov.