Islander News Articles 6/15

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Islanders website: Announced more details of the draft party next week which will include prospects Jack Hillen and Robin Figren in attendance.

Islanders website: John Hill added a draft profile of Kyle Beach very early am Sunday morning.

Newsday: Greg Logan has Alexei Yashin's agent Marc Gandler comment about his client trying to find an NHL team to play with before he takes his offer with Yaroslavl and returns to Russia and that he has spoken with Garth Snow about a possible return to the Islanders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
How come Mr Logan did not get a comment or a no comment on Sean Bergenheim from Mr Gandler who is still his agent?

To me it's lazy to not to get a comment on Bergenheim's negotiation or force a no comment from Mr Gandler or get an update on his WC injury. This is a player who left the NHL on this agents advice for a full season so his restricted free agent status is no a small footnote. For this fan Bergenheim's contract is a far bigger story than Yashin.

What do you want me to write about Alexei Yashin?

Until an actual comment comes from Garth Snow or Ted Nolan this is a non-story and one that did not need to be featured in the paper vs the blog on the draft with the general manager's comments.

No doubt it will draw a strong reaction which seems like the intended purpose.

Mr Gandler has already said recently he wants a deal done for Alexei Yashin
soon or he's heading back to Russia before 7/1. Obviously no one is running to meet Mr Gandler's price.

Islanders could use Yashin's scoring but only for a minimal price and he will not be taking Josef Vasicek's salary to return. It's not a popularity contest here but one where you buy your prospects time by adding veterans who can produce. If Yashin's the best alternative Isles should pursue it, if not they should look elsewhere.

Having written that.....

Islanders took a step back without his scoring but if he did not fit the mantra of grit, character and heart a year ago he's not going to do it now. If you set a plan to carry a certain type of player and decide Yashin does not meet that criteria
why go back and go against what you told your fanbase was the plan?

Of course the Isles were rumored to be interested in bringing back Randy Robitaille for a third time last season.

Wake me when Garth Snow & Ted Nolan comment and say they want him back, until then this has no value at all.

Newsday: Greg Logan in Newsday's blog has Garth Snow's comments about some of the players that could be available in the draft and that he could trade up or down depending on who the staff has targeted.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Stock answers with a few comments on individual players. No gm should be giving out any strategy at this point.

Newsday's administrator is promising Mr Logan will have a live chat at Newsday on Monday at 1pm to answer questions about the draft and all things Islanders.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I don't know if anyone noticed this but myself, in the newspaper article on Gandler/Yashin, Mr Logan wrote he could not reach Garth Snow for comment, however in the blog he had the general manager's comments on everything about the draft?

Central Mark Spivey reports on defenseman John Carlson with his comments who is projected to be a late first-round draft pick at the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.

Enjoy the updated blog header which I think is a winner, maybe not a good idea before July 1st or the draft but I took a chance.

No room for Wayne Merrick, Gord Lane, Duane Sutter and yes I want as many pictures of the classic uniforms for the current players I can find. I'm sick of last year's uniform for a team with a such an incredible tradition. Mr Botta had it right and so do most of the older fans on the uniforms.

It's time to bring back the classic look and never again change it.

I put the ticker with the picks at the top of the blog as opposed to the draft center, as the Isles pick next week I will change the draft pick number to the name of the player selected.

Buyouts/qualfying rfa are all about to begin.

It's Sunday which means Larry Brooks of the Post has to take his obligatory shot at the New York Islanders for something/anything with his very limited space.