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Point Blank: Mr Botta had a very interesting blog about how clubs sometimes make sure to point out in team press releases that a coach/player could have signed anywhere but decided to pick x team and felt it speaks poorly of your franchise that you even had to bring it up as he singled out Jacques Martin's hiring of a new head coach in Florida and did not like when he had to do it with the Islanders but maintained that it was the truth.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I agree with Mr Botta here to a point but a lot of times the media will bring this out themselves pointing out how many teams were interested in a player. We saw this with Jack Hillen and Rob Hennigar recently. By contrast we also see a lot of media write about how players will not play in a certain market so when a team does break through with a signing they do try and make it clear they wanted to be here over other teams so it sends a message to the fans as well as other players and their agents that this is a misconception.

If the media will not sell a team to the public and free agents that organization has to take every edge they can get.

Toronto Sun: Mike Zeisberger has the usual rumblings Bryan McCabe would waive his no trade clause to play for the Islanders as gm Cliff Fletcher comments on the trade market and the state of his team but not McCabe to the Isles.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
If I had a dollar for every time the Toronto media tried to get Bryan McCabe out of Toronto and back to the Isles to get his big contract and poor defensive play off the roster....

Bottom line he has a no-trade clause, if he's bought out he can sign anywhere.

I'm a little concerned Garth Snow after misreading the market on Bergeron and leaving his backline short a big shot after winning six games in a row traded someone early when he could have moved him after the season and gotten the same return and kept his depth.

That's a sign of inexperience or someone who at the very least misread the market for one of his own assets begging the question if he misread the market on his own player how will he do with players from other organizations?

The Sault Star: Peter Rucci reports the Soo Greyhounds acquired left-winger Jordan Nolan from the Windsor Spitfires Friday.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good for Jordan Nolan. I saw some speeches Ted Nolan gave this week, if it's not Islander/hockey related, I'm not going to do a blog on most of them.

Ottawa Sun: Chris Stevenson has new Senators coach Craig Hartsburg's comments that playing in the 81 finals against the Islanders with the Minnesota North Stars was his career highlight.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Another coach who has not been on a bench in a long time being hired by a team, it almost seems like Bryan Murray wanted another coach he could work with and not someone who could get the most out of his players. John Paddock was considered a good players coach for a long time.

Of course I remember the 81 finals and Hartsburg. Game one and those two shorthanded goals by the Isles on one powerplay were incredible.

Quick Hits:
Every year we see articles about big trades before or at the draft, since the Mike Milbury show in 2000-2001 that has not been the practice so I'm skeptical.

Personally I think we will see what we saw at the trade deadline, first rounders are off limits in a draft with this quality unless a franchise player comes in return.

Someone wants to say a first rounder can be moved for Olli Jokinen that makes sense but of course it does not make any sense for the Islanders to do this because he demanded a trade from them in 2000 and spoke about it last season and we all know the Isles need to add franchise prospects.

A Sillinger or Guerin could go for a second rounder but if you do that you have better have a player of equal ability ready to sign on July 1st to take their spot this time.

Lets hope Greg Logan graces us with some Islander updates before the draft. Steve Zipay had three in three days begging the question how some can defend the lack of updates because he does longer updates?

Less to me is less.