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Islanders website: Media relations coordinator Cory Witt announced the club will have a blog called NYI Voices for the teams media voices in Billy Jaffe, Chris King, Steve Mears and Howie Rose. The The NYI Voices blog will be written by the broadcasters themselves and fans can also expect to hear from special guests such as Islanders Hall of Fame broadcaster Jiggs McDonald among others.

NYI Voices: Already has an update from Jiggs McDonald after earlier updates from Steve Mears.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Fantastic idea. I brought up the Msg blogs where Mr Rose, Jaffe, and Deb Placey were blogging so infrequently with no feeder last season it was simply not worth paying attention earlier this year. I'm not sure Mr Rose did any updates beyond his WFAN appearance.

NYI Fan Central added a link for this to the professional media blogs currently listed here and in the news widget below it.

NYI Fan Central also has a separate widget feeder that links to all current thirteen members of the Islanders blog box (and is the only blog doing this) so you can get the excellent work from those folks as well.

I think by now folks understand for me it is important to separate the professional media from the amateur bloggers who are not accredited members of the professional hockey writers association. It would not be honest of me to pass my blog or views off as something professional to the readers here. I'm not an insider, have no interest in scoops or inside information nor is my blog being done in that manner.

This is kind of the old-fashion way of doing things at a point it seems websites need hockey content and many will add anything that catches attention from anywhere, but it's not my way because the question next becomes where do you draw the line?

Norther Light: Scott Haddow reports Sudbury Nickel Capital Wolves head coach Peter Michelutti Jr. won the Joe Drago Coach of the Year Award, beating out former New York Islanders coach Al Arbour who is quotes as saying he was honoured for even being mentioned in the same breath as the likes of Arbour.

Final note-Hopefully the same Islander fans booing Jason Blake earlier this year at the Coliseum will be rooting for him to win the Masterson tonight at the NHL awards ceremony.