Does Guerin still fit Isles roster?

New York Islander Fan Central | 6/12/2008 12:59:00 PM | | | |
Today's question of the day is where does Bill Guerin fit this roster and should Garth Snow look to move him despite what reaction that could bring from Mike Comrie, Mike Sillinger and Brendan Witt?

I know the Islanders have done a lot on his off-ice activities to help people.

Obviously this is only a hockey issue and I'm not even going to go as far to make any discussion about his leadership because I'm not in the lockeroom and he has been praised top to bottom by management for that aspect of his job.

The significant question I have regarding Bill Guerin is where does he fit on this roster?

He clearly should not be a first line right ring at this point in his career, he does not have the speed or durability for that nor can he produce to the level needed.

Kyle Okposo may not even be ready for the NHL but if he makes the club (and I guess he will) do you make him your first line right wing and is that in his best interest? I would guess no and think even the second line is pushing it if you are asking for NHL second line production but they have no choice.

Trent Hunter until he produces more cannot play first or second line, he is signed for the next five years.

You want to make the point Okposo does not make the club and Guerin plays second line right wing and drops to third line if Hunter outproduces him that makes sense and fits but this seems a long shot given Okposo's draft class is mostly in the NHL at this point.

I guess Okposo can be the fourth line right wing but I'm not sure that is in his best interest as opposed to Bridgeport, that works for Guerin and Hunter as they can play second and third line but Jackman, Rechlicz for starers seem a better fit for that role and the left side/center do not have a current slot for an enforcer.

Have I even made a case for signing an UFA at right wing who can play the first line or the chance the club revisits signing Satan and what that means?

So what option does that leave other than for Ted Nolan to play Bill Guerin as a first line right wing where he obviously does not belong.

Bill Guerin at his best right now is a descent fit on a second line, on a higher scoring club is a perfect third line right wing where others can get him the puck.

So where does that leave Garth Snow and the New York Islanders?