Bergenheim files for arbitration

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National Post/Several news services: Report New York Islanders forward Sean Bergenheim was one of fifteen NHL players who filed for salary arbitration.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good news/bad news scenario here.

Good news is he will be awarded a contract after a hearing and will not be a holdout so there will be no Wang-law scenario.

Bad news is this means for now he could not come to an agreement with the club. The Isles can walk away from the award making him unrestricted but that is highly unlikely.

Of course up until a hearing he can come to terms with the club at any time.

This is not a normal signing here and one that bears closer attention considering he sign in Russia and the Isles would not let him return when it did not work out and because his agent has been a problem at times for several clients.

In a few days we should know what date the hearing is scheduled for.

Who were those masked men in the front row behind the Dragons bench at the Wachovia center tonight? Great game, horrible finish by any football standard.

The man seated behind Mr Dey looked a lot like Garth Snow.

The announcers on Espn even called them New York all night, playing at the Coliseum seemed the same as playing anywhere in New York as the broadcast had New Jersey Giants highlights.

Of course Mr Wang was there only for the Lighthouse project. (sarcasm)

Newsday: Mark Herrmann had an article about the Nets moving back to the Coliseum but partly about the Lighthouse with comments from former VP of Communications Chris Botta about how slowly the process has been moving and that the addition of the Nets with Lebron James could push it over the top.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I sure am getting tired of Mark Herrmann shock jock articles telling us about the Isles long-term viability with comments that the clubs plan to go with youth does not have the public supporting the Lighthouse more because they drafted Josh Bailey.

The idea that the New York Islanders owe anything to the Nets is comical much less that they were the reason the Nassau Coliseum was built in the first place. Isles even had to give a draft pick to bail out Roy Boe long ago.

Islanders played in Newark we get one of these articles, anything regarding any one's new building we get one of these from Mr Herrmann, it's always negative.

This franchise proved New York could be successful at the gate and in the New York market when it won in the seventies and eighties at the Nassau Coliseum and did so again during the 2002 playoffs and late in that season when they sold out the second half. They have leases until 2014, 2015 on the Smg lease/Nassau County lease and a television lease that runs until 2030.

Mr Wang can opt out of the Nassau County lease if the Lighthouse is not approved but these articles from Mr Herrmann have gotten very old and Mr Wang has not gone in that direction.

If Mr Herrmann wrote this way about all the teams at least that would be consistent, only thing consistent about his reporting is the glass is mostly empty for one team and mostly full for the other.

Mark Herrmann when the Rangers got eliminated ignored they spent 90m on two centers who could not play with Jagr and instead wrote about a family in California who left their house early when the Rangers fell behind in game four may have saved their lives because of an accident, this was after he did an article praising Jagr at length for scoring a goal in their only win against Pittsburgh. If his name was Yashin and scored a big goal to win a game in a 4-1 series loss it would only produce an ariicle from Mr Herrmann about how bad Yashin was, even in 2002 when he had seven points in seven games or in 2003 when he had four points in five games.

Meanwhile we get this garbage from Mr Herrmann and articles from guest amateur writers going about as far out of their way as possible to put down the club.

Mark Herrmann ever consider if the club was given extensive covereage in Newsday starting with Steve Zipay's Ranger beat eliminated entirely so he could double up Islander coverage with Mr Logan there would be more fans to lobby Nassau County to approve the Lighthouse project?

After all that seems to be the standard at the Times, Post and Daily News, so why not at Newsday?

Forgot, by August the Islanders may not be covered at all in Newsday.