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Point Blank: Mr Botta today has a fascinating blog where he talks about problems between Ted Nolan and Garth Snow where neither one were on the same page with a lot of comments the last month of the season where it seems the coach may not be on board with the youth movement and that both should have handled some statements better.

Mr Botta felt the coach damaged his relationship with a lot of key players toward the end of the season. He also feels that there is not much of a relationship between Ted and Islanders management anymore. Mr Botta also speculates the club needs to lock up the head coach but writes the general manager will be here for the next ten years.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I cannot dispute Mr Botta's blog at all.

He was in the room, around these people daily and knows better than any of us what the politically correct thing to say or do is after countless years of experience working with NHL employees who speak to the media.

Obviously both men did not take losing well at the end of last season and the adversity that came with it. For Ted Nolan this was something I blogged on myself going into last season because he has never experienced losing as an NHL head coach and was a bit concerned how he would react to it.

I did not pick up on all the " we-they " statements as well as Mr Botta did.

I also did not see a club trying to play more defense down the stretch because it was hard to tell anything given so many players injured or apparently playing hurt.

I did notice all the games with a high shot total against and the coach ripped into the veterans. Mr Botta likely can tell how that played behind the scenes.

Bottom line your gm and coach have to be on the same page and work as a team or it's not going to be best for the players, in that case someone has to go.

Is it a fair question for the gm to want to add a coach to Ted Nolan's staff who can mentor the young defenders? I'm not there, I do not know, if they work well together that should not be any problem.

If Ted Nolan is not on board with a youth movement and does not want to be part of a team and build something it may well be time for him to move on because that is not fair to the man who hired him.

If Garth Snow cannot control his comments and wants things to be like a family and kept in house he should start by setting an example by not airing dirty laundry about what the coach may have thought about Wade Dubielewicz, if he cannot do that or work well with the coach it may well be time for him to move on because that is also not fair to the man who hired him.

If both cannot work together Charles Wang has a decision to make regarding both of them and the owner deserves a lot better for what he did for both these men because neither would be where they are today without him.

That's why I feel the contracts of both should be tied together.

Mr Botta did not tell us if Garth Snow was given a contract extension, until I know that I do not feel the coach should be given a contract extension. If Garth Snow was given an extension and Ted Nolan was not in my estimation Ted Nolan has more than a fair reason to be outspoken about his future status and wonder how come the gm got a vote of confidence with job security while he did not given the talent on the roster.

What I can write is fair or not Ted Nolan is considered a great coach while Garth Snow is the former backup goalie who was given the general managers job with no experience who did not hire this coach. If Nolan is fired and Snow retained Mr Wang will be heavily criticized for it fair or not and it could even turn out to be fatal with the fanbase.

Hopefully since Mr Botta left both these man got on the same page or will act as a team better and keep things behind closed doors. Both were at the draft and spoke of the club's future. Ted Nolan's comments in a Canadian paper in May about his future coaching status were not good, almost defiant.

I would have to think the Islanders would not be thrilled with Mr Botta releasing this to the public the day before he intends to close his blog. It will not help the fans perspective but I suppose he's just trying to be honest and give us his take of things. He did not play favorites and was critical of both.

Islanders website: John Hill had an update with comments from Jon Sim.

Star-Tribune: Micheal Russo reports the outdoor game will be announced this week with the game at Wrigly Field in Chicago.

NYI Fan Comments:
Wake me when it's finally official. The schedule should be out this week so it's not unlikely the game is announced. Last year this was not confimed until September by the league.

Quick Hits:
It's Sunday and we know that means a Larry Brooks cheap shot or two at the Isles.

Funny how the Isles payed a lot less for Mark Streit than Wade Redden while no one took a discount to sign with camp Cablevision but Mr Brooks omits that part. Next time anyone takes a discount to play at Msg will be a first.

Or course a quick dig at Doug Weight's age but not Markus Naslund as he lobbies for a possible Shanahan return.