Final Poll Results: Left Wing

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2008 07:45:00 PM |
It started off as the most popular poll on the site to date only to be passed by the new coaches poll but deciding the left wing positions I thought going in would make for a lot of diversity in the voting and one of the best polls to date.

Needless to write it was a tough choice for everyone and it did live up to my expectations. Great job by everyone as always.

We started this poll with a coach and ended it without one and it's fair to speculate some of those philosophical differences may have been over the left wings on the roster.

Going by the majority for each line these were the results:
Bergenheim first line 30 (37%)
Comeau second line 31 (38%)
Sim third line 33 (40%)
Sim fourth line 27 (33%)

Obviously Tambellini was a very tough call no one could vote a majority for him to be the choice at any spot among the four lines.

Needless to write the next coach will have a very tough choice as well.

Tambellini first line 21 (25%)
Tambellini second line 24 (29%)
Tambellini third line 11 (13%)
Tambellini fourth line 19 (23%)

Bergenheim second line 16 (19%)
Bergenheim third line 17 (20%)
Bergenheim fourth line 7 (8%)

Sim first line 3 (3%)
SIm second line 6 (7%)

Comeau first line 19 (23%)
Comeau third line 8 (9%)
Comeau fourth line 14 (17%)

Someone else will be traded, demoted, injured so all play above fourth line 4 (4%)
Tambellini, Comeau, Sim or Bergenheinm will be traded, demoted, injured 5 (6%)