Newsday's lack of class continues

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/18/2008 09:35:00 PM | |
Newsday: Steve Zipay who does the reports on media in the paper reviews the upcoming schedule and tells us the Islanders season finale at home against Boston on 4/12 determines Islanders' final standing for the NHL draft, so in other words the club will not be making the playoffs.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Just another example of how poorly Newsday treats this club. They are very good at the sensationalism game or stirring the pot and taking their digs but funny how when a player does well here all we read is they are considered under-rated in NHL circles because they do now show the same enthusiasm to hype the club as they do to take some shots.

I expect this level of reporting from an admitted Ranger fan like Mr Zipay but as usual Newsday not only gets behind anything that could be wrong with the Islanders but has no problem giving it a push.

A push they do not give when the team or it's players do well.

Mr Zipay sure did not take these kicks at the Rangers when they were missing the playoffs all those years or when Mr Logan was covering them.

To me that is a double-standard.