Final Poll Results: Next coach

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/22/2008 05:28:00 AM |
The poll on the left wings became a new record for this blog and immediatley after that the coaches poll hit triple digits, once again amazing turnout for a little blog in the middle of July and my thanks to everyone.

Final poll results on who you would like to see hired as the next Islanders coach are in with the following:

Bob Hartley 17 (15%)
Joel Quenneville 29 (25%)
John Tortorella 22 (19%)

Too disgusted/numb to vote 22 (19%)

Of course the poll was stated the day Nolan/Snow parted company but the Isles are not going to find someone named disgusted/numb but it was listed as an option to gauge sentiment but did lose a little steam after the first few days.

I voted for Joel Quenneville eventually. I like the fact he has had a lot of success and is well regarded, a lot of the veterans here have long experience in the Western Conference.