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Boston Globe: Fluto Shinzawa notes the Newsday report about Scott Gordon being listed for an interview and adds Bruins GM Peter Chiarelli has repeatedly said he wouldn't stand in Gordon's way if he were offered an NHL head coach's job, so it's likely that the Bruins will allow the former goalie to interview with the Islanders if they come calling. Adam Proteau's article asks why is Ted Nolan being demonized in some circles and insists this is nothing like his circumstances in Buffalo while getting the impression back in April Nolan would not be returning from his final interview with him but feels he should get another chance.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I'm surprised Mr Proteau waited this long for his Islanders-bash fest (this was one of his milder ones) but he did put some blame on both sides without really giving us anything but personal speculation from what obviously is a distance to where what he writes has little value.

Of course he does get right the gm having his way vs the coach needing to win now is not unheard of in sports but aside from that an article that tells us little because frankly he does not know anything.

Quick Hits:
Sporting News/uncredited did a rip job on the Islanders for the last twenty years with a lot of old photos to make it's point in kind of a picture/caption rip job. John Rolfe apparently followed up the twenty seven page caption with an article bashing the Isles for the last twenty plus years where he knew so little about the club he put Bergenheim in Fedotenko's spot as his replacement and put in his article Neil Smith resigned when he was in fact fired.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So now the Islanders, a team that has been to the NHL playoffs four of the last six year are on par with sports clubs that have not seen a playoff or close to a five hundred record for a decade or longer? Not going to tell anyone here outside of 2002 the product has been anything but mediocre but this comes off as piling on and nothing else. Maybe Mr Rolfe is doing what he can to get the club out of here because the Rangers did not take that kind of beating over eight years nor did he write articles telling people to essentially stay home.

Funny how St Louis, Florida, Phoenix, Los Angeles (who fired a coach hired the same summer Ted Nolan was hired) among others did not get this kind of article?

John Rolfe usually does one of these a year on the Isles no matter what their record is. Ken Campbell declares Paul Maurice is a front runner for the Islanders job because he is a good company man who will essentially do what the general manager says and not get involced in office politics.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Paul Maurice according to Mr Campbell is now the front-runner for the Islanders coaches job? Seems like some of these writers throw anything against the wall hoping it sticks because no one else has written that anywhere and if that were the case the club would not be trying to interview so many potential coaches.

It's summer not, much going on so it's time for the armchair experts who cannot name five Islanders to come out in droves.