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St Pete Times: Damian Cristodero blogs on what John Tortorella would bring to the Isles with the potential upside and downside. John Rolfe is his mail bag responds to the latest negative article on the Isles who got a few tough comments from some fans.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Two things caught my attention here.

One was when Mr Rolfe wrote he is a life long Islanders fan because it was something I have known because he does include that part every year when he does this kind of article but does not excuse his lack of articles on the current Isles.

Second was when he took what to me is a double-standard noting the Rangers have turned things around because they have made the playoffs three years in a row while ignoring the Isles did this also and made it four of six years.

If Mr Rolfe's standard's for turning it around somewhat is making the playoffs three years in a row than the Isles qualify and it's time for his to seperate the past from the present. I can appreciate the fact he is an Islander fan and frustrated at the club but that still means he has to be consistent with his standards for all teams.

I sent him an e-mail and asked why the double-standard and how come he does not note all the kids in Garth Snow's plan which is far different than Mike Milbury's plan and how come he's not telling us more about them which is what our fans need a lot more of with a lot less nineties history?

National Post/several sources: Report former Islander Mike York has signed with the Columbus Blue Jackets.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
According to the New York Times and several sources Mike York a while back signed with Sibir Novosibirsk. (KHL)

Anyone else see a little payback for the hardball with Filatov's being suspended or is Columbus trying to become very old and slow down the middle with York and Peca unless York plays left wing?

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio reports in the Sound Tigers Ct Post blog Matt Keith has signed a one-year contract with ERC Ingolstadt.