Mr Wang, Mr Dey/whoever please do this for me

New York Islander Fan Central | 7/25/2008 02:18:00 PM |

Just one time, go conventional with the uniform above if a decision has not been made on a third jersey. For once no re-inventing the wheel. I can accept building with prospects, taking time to improve and most anything.

What I cannot accept is a new generation of fans throwing lighthouse's, bars that have never represented anything but John Pickett, John Spano, the gang of Four and Howard Milstein (who gave us those bars) on the latest incarnation of our incredible uniform and tradition any longer which frankly looks terrible and as poor an idea as the orange jersey.

Just one time go conservative, after introducing one of the above designs as the third jersey scrap the current uniform and bring it back full time next year.

And leave it that way for good.

You will sell a ton of jerseys and the large majority of the fans will love it. On the core of the Four Weekend you brought back the Lake Placid patch so someone does know the history in detail.

This team has all the tradition of a club that was around when hockey began in this country as a professional sport before 1926 when the NY Americans established the pro hockey tradition for all others to follow.

No US based hockey team had a longer or greater dynasty, no team in pro sports history won that many playoff series in a row, that uniform stands for something special that other clubs never did and a symbol of excellence. To me the Islanders and all these uniform chances since Bill Torrey left town is like changing the Montreal Canadians or Yankees uniform.

Just one time play it conservative. I guarantee it will go over huge and make a lot of money.

Most importantly it's the right thing for this franchise, the only thing for me.