Doug Weight Speaks/Notables

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Islanders TV: Has the press conference with Doug Weight which lasts about twelve minutes with his comments.

Islanders TV: Radio analyst Chris King also has a two minute interview with Doug Weight who explains why he signed with the club.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Good stuff from Weight, we'll see if he can produce as he did two years ago which will be required if this is going to work in terms of winning. Hopefully the move back to the Eastern Conference and how familiar he is with Guerin helps.

Newsday: Is promising something from Doug Weight for the paper tomorrow with Katie Strang and more on the Isles coaching search from Mr Logan.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Katie Strang asked the majority of questions at the press conference so if you watch the ITV interviews you know the quotes for whatever article is written.

I guess this means Mr Logan's NHL source will finally tell us who is the finalist or the next Islanders coach or the general manager has something to say on the subject?

I guess Newsday sent Katie Strang to get a few words from Doug Weight after all despite the other Newsday blog.

I'm sure Mr Botta will have something soon and them we will know who the final choices are or he will have who will be hired.

You have to hand it to the Isles for making things tough on themselves.

Brett Farve is traded to the New Jersey Jets who train (for a few more weeks) at Hofstra next to the Nassau Coliseum (they are moving camp to NJ next year) and they bring him right into the city to meet the mayor and make sure the fans know he is Broadway Brett from New York for some publicity and he holds up a Broadway sign.

Everyone comes to the NEW YORK Islanders and they slap that Long Island label all over everything limiting their ability to attract media/fans for a New York team that actually plays in New York and make folks inside the city limits and around the tri-state area feel like they are rooting for the wrong team.

Can you imagine the Jets putting East Rutherford in every press release or statement coming out of their p.r department?

Not the best way for the New York Islanders to sell tickets which is one reason for all these events.

I guess Doug Weight wears ninety three or has a talk with Rick DiPietro, too bad the Isles could not get Farve to visit for a few minutes as other football players have done, sure would not have hurt given they got Michael Strahan to come over.

Times & Transcript: Has a few words from Bill Schurman, Summerside's director of community services about Bridgeport and Binghampton playing a regular season game on Prince Edward Island.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No comment here at all on any of the good folks from PEI/Summerside. I know the weeknight games do not sell in Bridgeport but playing two home games elsewhere is not an answer to improving fan support when you have a fan advisor board. You find a way to get more people in the building and start by winning more games which goes on team President Howard Saffan, taking away games is not an answer.

Will be interesting to see if the Ct Post allows Mr Fornabaio to travel and cover these games given they did not let him travel to training camp and cut his schedule for a few road games last season. No one wins here without his coverage. Reports former Islander Bryan McCabe may now be open to a trade with general manager Cliff Fletcher's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I wrote here the window for buyouts was between June 15th-30th, obviously that is not correct because players are bought out all the time. Maybe that was only after the lockout ended when the buyout did not count against the cap those first days?

It's amazing the Leafs will simply not buy him out or expect another club to take on that kind of salary at all for a declining player who could not help his own team and is simply not a very good defender. If the Leafs make all this revenue why not just do a buyout and move on with a cap hit? I guess Mr Fletcher feels there is a team out there who will agree to adding that kind of salary or his boss told him there will be no buyout under any circumstances at least until it gets to a point there is absolutely no where else to go.

McCabe has a no movement clause and can veto any deal, it will be interesting to see how far the Leaf media go to turn public opinion against him for wanting to play where he signed for the good of their favorite team improving?

There are no contracts the Isles can send to Toronto to offset such a trade without giving up a player of value. Unless the Leafs want to include Schenn or their first rounder next summer, Garth Snow should have no interest with his defense locked up for the next two seasons.

Daily Gleaner: Adam Bowie has an interview with Bobby Hull who comments the club his son Brett is co-gm with in Dallas may have made the finals if they had maybe a little more astute coaching?

NYI Fan Central Comments:
So they father of the co-general manager in Dallas says if coach Dave Tippett were more astute they would have beaten Detroit. Meanwhile here a raised eyebrow comment is an explosive situtation in Newsday?

I wonder if the media in Dallas will turn this into a firestorm like we saw here. Dave Tippett cannot be happy at all with this nor should he be given he is a well respected coach and clubs losing does not necessarily mean anyone was not astute enough.

Sportning News: Craig Custance lists Jon Sim as one of the players returning who could provide some jump for their club with Sim's comments he wanted to play two months ago and is ahead of where he was last year with training.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
You may be asking why Sim has comments here it would be because Mr Custance worked for the Atlanta Journal Constitition while Sim played in Atlanta.