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Newsday: Greg Logan reports the now infamous NHL source indicated Islander general manager Garth Snow has narrowed his list of possible coaches to Bob Hartley, Paul Maurice and current AHL Providence coach Scott Gordon and is expected to name one as the Isles' next coach early this week.

The rest is mostly background and personal speculation from Mr Logan about how they could work with Garth Snow.

No one is quoted again.

Sunday Boston Globe has a lot from Peter Chiarelli Sunday but nothing or Scott Gordon at this time or anything on a possible replacement coach for Providence.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
When Mr Logan write some will see Snow's hiring of Bob Hartley as choosing a buddy I would like to ask who given everyone takes Mr Logan's perceptions and spreads them all over North America now as gospel?

That buddy has a Stanley Cup on his resume and has been a proven winner and did improve the club in Atlanta.

If he wanted a buddy as head coach he already has one in Mike Dunham as his goaltending coach.

Only Garth Snow and the person eventually hired know how they will work together in 2008-09, that's a working relationship that will develop or fail beyond whatever interviews are done now. Bob Hartley has a Stanley Cup and a good record but eventually will be moving on unless his career resume changes. Paul Maurice has never done anything in terms of sustained winning record (besides a descent club in a poor division) but had a good playoff run on a weak Canes team in 2002, having written that he was well regarded by many in Toronto who even in leaving felt he was not given a fair opportunity with that club.

Scott Gordon has no NHL experience but is as well regarded as an AHL coach can be with a record to support it and far from the point Steve Stirling was when he was hired here despite how well Stirling did in 2004. He is a goalie and there do not seem to be many goaltenders who make successful NHL coaches in the recent past. (Glen Hanlon/Ron Low)

I suppose it's also fair to ask do the Isles have to compensate Boston for Scott Gordon and pick up part of Bob Hartley/Paul Maurice contract?

Andy Sutton may not be a big fan of a Hartley given he somewhat scaled back his role his final season in Atlanta. At least here he will have a goalie he can start, should be interesting to see how Mike Dunham reacts to this as well given how quickly it ended in Atlanta for Dunham.

Bottom line this all comes down to what Garth Snow is looking for in a coach, not the fans and not the media or the players paid to play.

We have read a lot from others about what Garth Snow needs to be looking for as we read things about a Barry Trotz kind of relationship in Nashville but in the end he will make his choice by his own standards because he has to work with this person.

Reality is coaches are hired to be fired sooner or later but the second year trend has been a killer here. Anaheim fired a coach in Mike Babcock who went to a final and won in Detroit this year. Randy Carlyle won a cup after Babcock left. Colorado fired Joel Quenneville to bring back Tony Granato after Colorado fired him a few years back.

A few more days and we will see. It looks like for now I picked a good day for a Tuesday chat here.

Newsday: Katie Strang has Doug Weight's comments about the circumstances in Anaheim in their system after he was traded and gives his comments as to what he feel he can do here along with a few words from team captain Bill Guerin about how the powerplay will be improved with Weight and Mark Streit.

NY Post: Mark Hale does an article with Doug Weight's comments about what he can bring to the club and how he feels this could be a good club and praised Garth Snow for how he is handling the search for a new coach.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had more breakdown on the Sound Tigers schedule and answered one of my questions that he would not be in Moncton for camp reporting but it's too far ahead regarding the November trip to Canada or the West Coast swing.