Brandon Sugden Update/Notables

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Toronto Sun: Joe Warmington reports NHL deputy comissioner Bill Daly called Brandon Sugden and said he would contact the teams that voted against his return and see what could be done but made no promises as the groundswell of support increases.

The Star:Mark Zwolinski's article today apparently only had the story before Bill Daly's call that he was going to drive to New York but intends to play in the AHL if the rule stands.

Point Blank: Mr Botta's update links to the background of this story and today's article that Bill Daly called Brandon Sudgen.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
I hope Brandon Sugden gets reinstated, I'm not sure if he should be signed by the Islanders and who's job will he take because for him to play here someone has to go but I hope he can attend camp.

Vancouver Sun/several outlets: Dave Stubbs reports the Canadians trade with Chicago for Robert Lang means they are out of the mix for free agent center Mats Sundin with Montreal gm Bob Gainey's comments.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Sure would be nice to read if the Islanders are in that mix for Sundin or will we only read about how he does not want to sign here out of Newsday?

I guess no one reported Lang is older than Doug Weight by about a month.

Newsday claims Sportswatch columnist Neil Best on the top of his blog advertises he leaves no stone unturned as he brings you news and commentary on the world of sports media.

He lobbies for expanded Ranger radio coverage on LI but when the Islanders announce a new radio deal that limits them he does multiple blog updates and an article on the Yankees and ignores it entirely?

How quickly can you say double-standard?

Mr Best at least admits on his blog he is a long-time Ranger fan but there is no excuse for ignoring this if he has time for all these other media updates. He did get Howie Rose comments from a baseball article and wrote he will be covering Islander hockey as the Mets season is over.

Newsday has the Sunday pics up from Scott Gordon's interview but no article. I did not see it in early edition in New York today either but I will never purchase Newsday under it's new ownership and barely purchased it last season.

Times & Transcript: Yvon Gauvin has a primer from Moncton on training camp with The City of Moncton planning a welcoming barbecue for the team on Sept. 21 from 6:30 to 8 p.m. Ian Fowler, the city's general manager for Recreation, Parks, Tourism and Culture & Warren Frizzell, camp co-ordinator comment.

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