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Point Blank: Mr Botta reports he received a call from Brandon Sugden that he has been cleared by the league and can attend Islanders training camp which Darren Dreger of confirmed last night. Lindsay Kramer who reported on this story in the Cruch blog from the beginning has Brandon Sugden's comments about the phone call from Bill Daly and how he will be fighting long odds to make the Islander roster.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Highest marks to Chris Botta and Lindsay Kramer who went to bat and worked hard to make this a story for folks to rally behind, praise to the Rangers and the other three clubs who changed their stance allowing Brandon Sugden to return because they stand to lose the most if Sugden dresses for an NHL game against them.

An invite is one thing but signing a contract and making an NHL club is quite another but now he receives a chance here and regardless where he plays you wish him and his family the best of luck moving forward.

For all the negative things Greg Logan jumps all over where was he to get out the message in Newsday to Islander fans about Sugden? If it were a negative story I have little doubt he would have been all over it.

It was kind of interesting Yankee salesman Michael Kay had to defend his ripping the Yankees the other day but at the end made it clear he cannot rip them all the time to make everyone feel miserable about being a fan of the club to where they no longer care to watch.

Somewhere along the way that kind of media attention is the only kind the New York Islanders receive.

When a good story like Sugden comes along we get nothing but silence about Islander management, the same kind of silence like when clubs copy things Mr Wang does first.

Islanders website: Has the highlights of Saturday's events at the Coliseum when individual tickets being put on sale.

Newsday: Greg Logan has his article with coach Scott Gordon where he talks about how he will work with his players and what he will do to increase the clubs scoring and speed.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Scott Gordon had a lot of interesting things to say about Jeff Tambellini and what his problem have been in terms of confidence. I'm a bit surprised Scott Gordon feels he can get more speed out of his players by better positioning and how fast players can play slower but he is correct and if you know hockey you understand that. He repeated one comment about where his players will know where the stand with him but overall he said a lot of things I was looking for because replacing forty eight goals on one the lowest scoring clubs in this league will most likely define how this club will do.

The New York Islanders not only need to replace those goals but add another fifty goals to that and play defense.

Newsday: Greg Logan also has the coaches comments about how has worked in the past with changes at Providence and how he will work with general manager Garth Snow. To this point the duties of assistants John Chabot and Dan Lacroix have not yet been determined.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
Ted Nolan is one of the brightest and most respected coaches around, he knows when a player has the talent and when he does not. Just because he is no longer here does not automatically mean his judgement was incorrect about Jeff Tambellini, Robert Nilsson or any other player he did not give more minutes to. Only Snow and Nolan know if they held back Tambellini but it was clear enough Comeau and Bergenheim won over the coach so the idea he does not trust young players does not completely add up.

Scott Gordon is correct in that he will disagree with his gm but how it's handled with define the working relationship.

From Saturday afternoon:

Boston Globe: Kevin Paul Dupont has an interview with Bryan Berard where the writer claims Berard's opinion was his early season groin injury placed him behind the eight ball with Ted Nolan and is quoted as saying he felt it was time to move on as he gave his thoughts about Mark Streit's acquisition.

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