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What I can write other than to thank everyone for a great job on the first complete poll in quite a while and our first triple digit response (I think 144 folks perticipated) as I did extend things to the day the team announced their roster cuts.

This poll put you in Garth Snow and Scott Gordon place asking you to make the roster cuts.

Here were the final results:

Joey MacDonald 30 (20%)
Yann Danis 36 (25%)
Frans Nielsen 57 (39%)
Andy Hilbert 87 (60%)
Jeremy Colliton 37 (25%)
Tim Jackman 97 (67%)
Mitch Fritz 84 (58%)
Brandon Sudgen (tryout/release) 60 (41%)
Richard Park 13 (9%)
Jack Hillen 17 (11%)
Bruno Gervais 7 (4%)
Jeff Tambellini 18 (12%)
Josh Bailey 83 (57%)
Chris Lee 83 (57%)
Brett Skinner 81 (56%)
Other 9 (6%)

Thomas Pock was acquired during the poll so he could not be added, Brandon Sudgen was released.

What stood out for me was how many folks felt Jeremy Colliton should go vs some of the other AHL players who got a much higher vote total along with Nielsen and Bailey.

Obviously many feel Andy Hilbert has gotten enough of a chance and it will be interesting to see how Scott Gordon uses him.

I think the vote hit the nail on the head with how close it was between MacDonald and
Yann Danis for the backup spot.

Thanks again

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