A Statement on Coverage and a Deleted Blog

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I'm going to be direct with my readers here, I kind of held back on Tuesday for one of the rare times since I started writing this blog and I regret doing so.

I would like to take a blog entry here and explain why.

I made a quick little note in the articles Tuesday about Newsday not even giving us an AP article for Monday's game and had a few words on it because I had never seen that before in our clubs reporting.

I wrote up a big long blog unloading on Newsday that I deleted/before editing it down to what you read in the Tuesday articles.

In it I wrote how the Ct Post never did that to it's Sound Tiger fans since the day Michael Fornabaio took that beat from the teams inception and always made sure we had articles or a reason we did not have coverage even after he was in a serious accident returning from a game. Chris Elsberry also provided coverage in the early days of the Sound Tigers.

In my deleted blog I wrote about how if Mr Rieber/Mr Baumbach can do the shock jock game at Newsday on the Islanders the last couple of days why don't they go cover
the Florida game and give Mr Logan a break if he was off and give the shock jock game a rest?

I even suggested we make a media trade with Mr Rieber/Mr Baumbach for George Richards of the Miami Hearld and that by comparison would make the Bob Bourne for Bart Crashley look even by comparison. These folks snipe at the club and folks like Mark Herrmann (now Johnette Howard misreporting facts) will be the first to bring up attendance and the teams future viability meanwile despite the main page full of New York Islander advertising at this publication our team cannot even get a crummy AP article for the last regular season game?

That to me is a blatant double-standard that has gone on long before Cablevision and as quick as I can be to blame the Dolan's for not having an AP article Tuesday this practice of slamming the club and not giving adquaate coverage has has gone on long before their tenure began.

In that deleted blog I also had a suggestion for New York Islander President Chris Dey to build a media pool of professional independant reports writing about the club as they have done with Mr Botta. I brought up folks who changed jobs in Craig Custance, Pierre LeBrun (among others) and felt websites and even newspapers would be knocking down the doors to have that kind of quality reporting about one club building the teams message.

I did not write it.

I decided instead to give Newsday a pass (beyond my note) because Mr Logan did set up the Florida game in the Islanders Newsday blog with his line projections and another blog from someone else reporting Bailey would play. We got some blogs and an AP article on the Boston game so I also looked at that and made a choice.

In this case I also had another reason. With the season beginning I wanted to keep the focus on the hockey information because that's why New York Islander Fan Central is here first and foremost. I do not want to give folks who visit this blog infrequently or new readers for the first time any perception NYIFC is more about the media than the team because that will never be the case.

Anyway I wanted to do one blog and explain before getting back to the hockey. I promise I will not make the same mistake again.

Thank You for reading this.

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