Islanders Setting New Standards? Not even close

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I thought we would have a little fun with the media game and point out a few other local examples that make the New York Islanders seem tame by comparison for anyone who thinks the Islanders are breaking barriers here or even coming close.

I wish I had video of this but I stumbled onto it that night on YES and it was better than the game. The audio does not do justice how upset the Yankee manager was on live television during a post-game interview about injuries.

I can give you Steve Stirling press conferences and game highlights from ITV as far back as 2005 but not a Yankee post game last month.

Mr Logan wants to talk about access and information he should start there because the New York Islanders at least give us that to make up for it's print media.

By all means listen to Yankee manager Joe Giradi pre and post game with it turning very ugly on live television last month here with the media calling the Yankee manager a liar according to Bob Raissman of the Daily News here afterward.

If that is not enough by all means listen to Laveranues Coles of the Jets only a few days ago:

I know it's easy for our fans to just get frustrated at the club and whenever anything happens it's time to use it as a referendum on everything back to 1983 but our club is hardly doing anything out of line here.

You know I agree with the New York Islanders the policy and why.
As for some of this stuff between Newsday, the Islanders and Mr Botta's blog I take no side whatsoever beyond our club receiving fair treatment from it's media.

I'm not doing this blog for access, scoops or page views and I do not play the bonds, ties or friendship game when it comes to my viewpoint.

I'm not writing to make a name for myself or pretend to pass my views off as part of the professional media or work in the sports media business.

In other words I do not have to do anything for anyone but my readers and that's provide an honest blog for you about our team whether the news is positive or negative.

All I ask in return from the media is to give our team and it's fans fair treatment because that's what they deserve, no more and no less.

I do not think that is asking a lot.

Thanks for reading.

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