Live Chat and Game Blog Thursday 6:45pm

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Thursday seems like a good time for a little pregame chat at 6:45pm followed by a live game blog here at NYIFC at 7:30pm. You will not have to worry about a
pre-game show from Msg+ at 7pm because they do not have one scheduled.

As always everyone is welcome to join in.
This weeks poll is winding down with where you felt the club would finish this season and it's not looking good for my sixth place prediction with Blake Comeau in Bridgeport and Radek Martinek out a reported four-six weeks.

In fact it looks terrible. I can only hope as I wrote in my preview this team will be at it's worst early and it's best late.

Here are the poll results as we head into the final hours:
One through Four 1 (1%)
Fifth to Sixth 5 (7%)
Seventh 6 (9%)
Eighth and the final playoff spot 9 (14%)
Ninth 3 (4%)
Tenth-Eleventh-Twelve 11 (17%)
Thirteen-Fourteen 5 (7%)
Welcome to the Basement 23 (36%)

Islanders website: Has it's first prospect watch of the new season which will be added to New York Islander Fan Central Prospect Blog sidebar for reference, Kirill Petrov with his injury was mentioned despite Robin Figren being injured.

Ct Post: Michael Fornabaio had what is now the outdated lines from Tuesday's practice among other items.

On the blog front our new domain is now official for those bookmarking:

On the NYIFC front unless a major story breaks Wednesday (DiPietro whether he practices or not/Danis recalled/Skinner recalled/would not qualify) I'm going to take a full day off from all coverage with the feeders providing all newspaper/media updates.

That new feature recently added provides a real time page view of every major media site covering the Islanders starting with NYIFC which is not among the major media but added as a starting point.

I think those who have discovered this feature will really enjoy how it works for everyone.

Year long hockey blogs like this have to pick spots for a break or two. I'm planning another one after the Saturday game even if that means we miss a Sound Tiger game/article or two. (that's why we have feeders and a Sound Tigers section)

Islanders website: Also announced all it's new blog box members, my congratulations to everyone and best of luck as I will hook in feeds to our blog box feature here at NYIFC so you have the latest from everybody with my friends from Islesnation making the cut along with a few excellent blogs I recognize.

Thanks again to everyone for the overwhemling response as we close in on 70,000
visitors here.

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