Tuesday Notables

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Newsday: Greg Logan reports Blake Comeau has been demoted to Bridgeport while Rick DiPietro did not partipate in Tuesday's practice, Scott Gordon was also not at practice for what Mr Logan reports are "personal reasons" according to Islander officials.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
No point to Comeau being here if he is not playing. I disagree with the decision for the same reasons Jeff Tambellini is here but have not seen Comeau play beyond camp video and obviously this coach does not seem him as a player who can help his lineup.

We are going to have to see how it plays out with Rick DiPietro. If he travels to Florida and no one is recalled he will be expected to play, if not, time to recall a goaltender from Bridgeport.

My Point Blank: Mr Botta reports from practice the club announced Radek Martinek is out four-six weeks, Brendan Witt was on the ice Tuesday while Rick DiPietro will be on the ice Wednesday at IceWorks.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
The loss of Martinek is a deal-breaker for any preseason predictions of playoffs and devastating to this club's defense.

I guess someone will be called up to replace Blake Comeau.

Islanders website: Has more on the announcement of a third jersey which will be officially unveiled on October 27 with comments from Terry Goldstein, the Islanders Director of Retail Operations.

NYI Fan Central Comments:
According to this article for the first time since 1996, the Islanders will skate in a game wearing a completely new uniform—including a new jersey, pants, helmet, gloves, and socks so it does not sound like the retro-jersey's they wore against Buffalo two seasons ago that were a re-release of the 1972 version.

Who knows? Far bigger issues for this team right now.

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